Civil Servant Car Loan

Happy man who just got a car loan



  • Letter of Loan Application to the M.D/CEO
  • Obtain a Loan Form
  • 2 Guarantors to be obtained with at least 1 civil servant as Guarantor
  • Valid Means of Identification of the Applicant and Guarantors
  • Passport of the Applicant and the Guarantors to be obtained
  • Letter of offer of employment, confirmation of appointment and letter of introduction from employer to show that the Applicant is still in service.
  • Statement of Account of where (Bank) the Applicant salary domicile for at least 6 months.
  • The Applicant issued postdated cheques as a means of repaying the Loan.
  • 25% Initial Contribution.
  • 24 Months duration
  • Pro forma Invoice from Car Dealer
  • Monthly Repayment system
  • Easy loan procedure
  • Quick turn-around time