Overdraft Facility

Image about ESoe Overdraft

ELIGIBILITY: Entrepreneurs, Business Men/Women, Corporate Bodies


  • Letter of Loan Application to be directed to the Managing Director
  • In case of Corporate Bodies, Board Resolution to be written on the letter head of the company and to be directed to the Managing Director of the bank duly signed by the Chairman and the Secretary of the Company.
  • Loan Application form to be duly completed and signed by Applicant and Guarantors
  • 2 Guarantors to be obtained with at least 1 civil servant as Guarantor
  • Valid Means of Identification of the Applicant and Guarantors to be obtained
  • Passport of the Applicant and the Guarantors to be obtained (one each).
  • A.C Form 02 & 07 to be submitted in case of Corporate Bodies
  • MEMART of the Company to be submitted
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Audited Account of the Company in case of Corporate Organization.
  • Applicant Business Cash Flow to be submitted.
  • 12 Months Duration
  • Mortgage Collateral
  • Easy loan procedure
  • Quick turn-around time