Lease Finance Loan

Image about equipment leasing

ELIGIBILITY: Business Men/Women, Corporate Bodies, Small & Medium Scale Industrialists &   Artisans.


  • Letter of Loan Application to be directed to the Managing Director
  • In case of Corporate Bodies, Board Resolution to be written on the letter head of the company and to be directed to the Managing Director of the bank.
  • Loan form to be duly completed and signed by Applicant and Guarantors
  • 2 Guarantors to be obtained with at least 1 civil servant as Guarantor
  • Valid Means of Identification of the Applicant and Guarantors to be obtained
  • Passport of the Applicant and the Guarantors to be obtained (one each).
  • A.C. Form 02 & 07 to be submitted for verification
  • Memorandum & Article of Association (MEMART) of the Company to be submitted for verification
  • 12 Months Duration
  • Postdated cheques as collateral
  • The Applicant to submit proforma invoice of Equipment to lease
  • The Applicant to contribute 20% of the cost of Equipment to be leased
  • Easy loan procedure
  • Quick turn-around time